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At Move-Ottawa Movers every move is important. Move-Ottawa Movers is a unique moving company that will tailor your move to the needs of you and your family.

Move-Ottawa Movers is an Ottawa based moving company that offers a wide range of services that will make your moving experience smooth and worry free. A well planned move is a good move, we will carefully coordinate each and every aspect of your move. Our standards of safety and professionalism guarantee that every move is simple and hassle free.

Move-Ottawa Movers packing services include the following:

Packing high value items.
Partial packing of breakables.
Fully packing the entire contents of your home.
Packing just the things you don’t want to do yourself.
Pre-packing to ease the customer into the move.
​Unpacking of Boxes

​A successful packing job will lead to a successful move. Proper packing using packing paper, padding and sturdy moving boxes is vital in
Protecting your valuable belongings.

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Move-Ottawa Movers Packing Prices:
$90/Hr with 2 Packers minimum 3.5 Hrs ( 2.5 Hrs of Packing Service + 1 Hr Travel) + Packing Material Charges
$105/Hr with 3 Packers minimum 4 Hrs ( 3 Hrs of Packing Service + 1 Hr Travel) + Packing Material Charges

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